How Well Do You Know Your
customer or Prospect?

Increase Sales 

Through Better Relationships


Avoid not knowing what you don't know

John Purdy, ACT! Design, Support, Business Development

John Purdy

If I were looking for help, I would want someone who knows the product and crafted the CRM product to meet my needs.  

For example, at one time I was working with a fortune 500 company who had invested in the high 6-digit figures for their CRM.  But it didn't dial the phone, it didn't let me export to Excel, it didn't make it easy to create and follow opportunities, and it didn't integrate with Outlook.  What it did do was to make it easy for management to look over my shoulder.

So, by using ACT!, I was able to collect and manage the data with a few keystrokes.  When asked for a list of contacts that meet certain criteria, I was able to submit it in just a few clicks and then back to selling.

This is John Purdy and this is only one of many stories how I used ACT! to save time.

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Updated 4Q2019